The EU Commission has made it apparent that, in order to facilitate sustainable return procedure, advisory services have to be improved so that a joint integrated return plan for returnees can be elaborated by counsellors in the host country as well as the country of return.

This political objective can be implemented by processing individual cases on the basis of a case management strategy that usually comprises three levels of intervention:

  • Improvement of advisory services provided by counsellors to clients in which case the usual dyadic advisory situation can be extended to a triadic level in order to include advisory services in the country of return.

  • Advisory services on an immediate interaction level between client and counsellors are futile if there is no adequate collaboration between agencies in the host country and the country of return to provide support.

  • These activities at operational and strategic level require a standard framework that is defined by international conventions as well as European, national and local government authorities. In this case, German federal state governments are called upon to co-ordinate their support for voluntary return and facilitate sustainable implementation.


In this project, procedure and methods for integrated return planning are to be devised and directly combined with the support activities for voluntary return. Networking at and between the three levels of intervention mentioned above is given particular importance.